A closer look at No Kill Columbia

No Kill Columbia is a local organization pushing for the Central Missouri Humane Society to become “no kill,” meaning they want the shelter to stop euthanizing healthy animals because there is no space for them. They think they have the key in the 11 steps they have proposed for the shelter.

Kaysie Moore wrote this story with me, and we had no idea what we were getting into when we picked this story up. I thought it would be more of a profile of No Kill Columbia. What I realized was that I couldn’t profile this organization without delving deeper into the issue they were focused on. The end result was more of a (what I hope was informative and helpful) discussion of what the shelter is and is not doing to reduce euthanasia and what No Kill Columbia thinks they could do better.

Every source we interviewed in this story is passionately committed to this story, and I think that’s what makes it compelling. The debate between the two camps has gotten heated and even personal at times. I hope Kaysie and I captured the emotion that is driving the debate.

If nothing else, read the story to see the photograph of the most adorable dog you’ve ever seen in your life.

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2 Responses to A closer look at No Kill Columbia

  1. Karen Mitchell says:

    That dog IS adorable. I read every word of the story and really appreciate what you learned in the process of doing the story. I hope you can stay with the story next semester, even if on your own time. The sources appreciate an knowledgeable reporter.

    • Alicia Stice says:

      Thank you so much for reading! It makes me endlessly happy to know people read to the end. This was an emotional and difficult story for me and Kaysie to work on, so I’m glad it ended up being readable. I’m actually doing advanced reporting next semester and would love to keep following it. It’s obviously an issue that is too big to be limited to just one story.


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